I constantly feel like I didn’t really start living my life until I was around 22. Not to say that I didn’t do anything for those earlier years but more so that it feels like in these past two years I’ve learned and experienced more than all those previous years combined. This past year was probably the fastest moving year of my life and the best year of my life; lots of losses (lol) but a lot more wins I think. Either way I’m happy for everything that did or didn’t happen. I love my friends and I love everyone.

  • Stop being so chronically online
  • Train for something and finish it like a half marathon or maybe even a full marathon
  • Watch 300 movies
  • Fix my ego
  • Not depend on the summer for happiness and fun
  • Stop being a potty mouth
  • Travel with my grandparents
  • Travel with my friends
  • Start my masters degree
  • Eat healthier

There’s definitely more I want to accomplish and do this year but I’m either too embarrassed to list them or they’re too personal.